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Company Milestones








Set up manufacturing unit in Delhi in 2023 to produce drones, motors, and batteries.

In 2023, obtain orders for 500 transport drones yearly from India.

The test flight of the first transport drone was completed in 2022, and the first batch of 12 drones have been delivered to the drone transportation market.

From the year of 2021, the project of cooperation on transportation drones in India has been developing.

Won the Innovative Application Award at the Smart City Exhibition in 2017.

Obtained the Patent of E-Scooter rental management system.

Obtained patent for E-Scooter transmission device in 2012.

Obtained the Patent for remote anti-theft monitoring devices system for E-Scooter.

In February 2008, AHAMANI EV Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established in Kaohsiung.

Passed TÜV certification in 1999 and became the world's first electric EEC certified motorcycle.


In 1998, the first electric vehicle was developed and produced by Shangwei team officially hit the road.

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